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University Partners At a Glance
The ten University Research Partners clearly recognise both the compelling vision as well as the opportunity to help evolve the relationship between the event industry and academia.
Actively engaging with students and helping them widen their networks and understanding of the opportunities the events industry can offer, is a core ambition for The Power of Events.
Reliable, robust and consistent data about the industry lies at the heart of the partnerships that have been developed, for the good of everyone that both work and study in the industry.

University Partners

In the UK there are around 70 universities offering courses related to event management. The University Research Partners that are supporting The Power of Events clearly recognised both the compelling vision as well as the opportunity to help reset the relationship between industry and academia.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on both the events industry and on universities created a common cause. The Power of Events has created a dynamic digital showcase that demonstrates the depth and breadth of the industry. It also maps out the opportunities for a wide range of different roles through live event design and delivery, which supports a number of key audiences. From making informed career and degree choices to finding out how to further your career or acquire new skill sets, the platform has been designed by the industry with our university partners.

Reliable, robust and consistent data about the industry lies at the heart of the partnerships we have developed, available to and for the good of everyone that works in the industry and studies the industry. Collaboration lies at the heart of everything we do and the information we are supplying about our university research partners demonstrates their pro-active attitude, their dedicated faculties and the resources they are bringing to support The Power of Events.

Attracting new talent as well as providing a compelling overview of the kind of careers that make up working in the UK Event Industry is one of the key reasons that The Power of Events has partnered with some of our leading universities across the UK. The experience and academic rigour that they bring to the platform will help the essential industry led research projects deliver real value to everyone working across the UK in events of all types. The creative innovation from the industry will collaborate with the innovation hubs and centres of excellence at our universities to improve the profile of the industry, create richer and more robust data sets about the industry and elevate the various contributions of the industry to gain the respect that it deserves.

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The event industry’s reliance on data to help it plan for the future, increase its resilience, manage risk and justify investment decisions, is growing year on year.

The engagement and access that The Power of Events (UK) has across all 7 sectors of the industry, enables data gathering and in-depth research projects to be delivered confidently and consistently. This will be primarily facilitated through the new insight app to be launched on 28th Sep 2023.

By bringing the industry and university partners together, research projects will be designed to deliver real benefits to the industry in terms of trend analysis, insights and performance improvements.

Our Supporters
Drawn from across the seven core sectors the Power of Events (UK) supporters are committed to showcasing the UK Event Industry.
Our Partners
The Power of Events (UK) partners are collaborating to share research, data and insights for the benefit of the whole UK Events Industry.