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The Power of Events (UK) is a not-for-profit company established in 2022 to deliver a much-needed comprehensive platform that for the first time provides a showcase of the UK events industry. For the very first time, it provides a one-stop showcase for the UK events industry, that allows everyone to explore all the elements that make up this diverse industry across the Four Nations. This platform maps out the seven core sectors and signposts to the four key industry communities – the multiple trade associations, the support organisations, industry media and UK universities working as research partners to support the data needs of the industry.

The Power of Events (UK) has developed partnerships with universities across all Four Nations to help design and deliver research and data that demonstrates the social, economic and cultural impacts of events of all types across the UK. These work projects will be accessible to all who need them, with the industry and academic communities constantly engaged to identify what research is required to support and enhance the understanding of the UK events industry’s value, development and resilience.

The Power of Events (UK) is supported by a wide range of businesses and organisations from across the 7 core event industry sectors. The mission that The Power of Events (UK) is committed to delivering is simple. It aims to showcase, respect and value the world-leading UK events industry.


The mission is to showcase the UK Events Industry.

The Power of Events (UK) defines the 7 core event industry sectors across the 4 Nations and showcases the power of their social, cultural and economic contributions to our country.

This platform is built on collaboration, representation and collective impact. It maps the breadth and expertise of the UK events industry and its supporting communities.

This will be underpinned with an evolving depth of credible data and trend analysis, that engages and benefits all current and future event professionals, and enables all stakeholders to understand, respect and value the power of events.



The Power Of Events (UK) is a not-for-profit company which aims to:

Deliver a comprehensive communications platform alongside an industry insight app to support the UK events community.

Work in partnership with universities across all Four Nations to design and deliver research and data that demonstrates the social, economic and cultural impacts of events across the UK.

Provide a one stop showcase for the UK Events Industry that fully maps out the sectors, expertise and networks across CSR, DEI, Wellbeing, Skills and Innovation developments they support.

Develop and launch a digital tool/insight app in Autumn 2023, that will enable two way engagement with all UK event professionals, as well as comprehensive industry research projects.

Who we are


THE POWER OF EVENTS (UK) is an organisation with a core management team, supported by a Taskforce and Action Groups representing the 7 core sectors of the industry.

The Taskforce

Our Taskforce is made up of an inclusive representation of the 7 core sectors, including UKEVENTS, LIVE and NTIA (music), EIF & NOEA (outdoor/festivals), EIA (exhibitions, suppliers, venues), PSA, PLASA, UKCMA, sport, experiential, weddings, cultural, public, and third sectors as well as the freelance community.

The Action Groups

  • Research
  • Infrastructure & Governance
  • Skills and Next Generation
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The event industry’s reliance on data to help it plan for the future, increase its resilience, manage risk and justify investment decisions, is growing year on year.

The engagement and access that The Power of Events (UK) has across all 7 sectors of the industry, enables data gathering and in-depth research projects to be delivered confidently and consistently. This will be primarily facilitated through the new insight app to be launched on 28th Sep 2023.

By bringing the industry and university partners together, research projects will be designed to deliver real benefits to the industry in terms of trend analysis, insights and performance improvements.

Our Supporters
Drawn from across the seven core sectors the Power of Events (UK) supporters are committed to showcasing the UK Event Industry.
Our Partners
The Power of Events (UK) partners are collaborating to share research, data and insights for the benefit of the whole UK Events Industry.