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Outdoor events and festivals of all types are woven into the UK’s cultural fabric
Globally renowned (rotation) Glastonbury, Notting Hill Carnival, Edinburgh International Festival – to events of all sizes spread across the UK
Over 141m attendees of outdoor events and festivals in the UK per year
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Outdoor Events + Festivals

Outdoor events and festivals of all types are woven into the UK’s cultural fabric. With a world-leading reputation for experience, delivery and safety, these events welcome millions of people each year. Offering a diverse blend of entertainment and content, shows come in all shapes and sizes and see professional expertise working in tandem with a proudly independent creative element.

The sector sees a diverse mix of multi-national corporates and independent promoters working alongside a host of professional event operators. Often coordinated by technical production and event management specialists, the industry sees temporary infrastructure and structure providers deliver alongside commercial agencies, creative organisations and a host of freelance producers. Safety is a pivotal part of outdoor event delivery and sees close collaboration between authorities, crowd management providers, medical providers and safety consultants. More than 141m attend outdoor events and festivals in the UK demonstrating the strength of this industry sector. With a diverse mix of event types, attendees attend for entertainment, socialising, experience and escapism. A strong sense of discovery, innovation and community lie at the very heart of the Outdoor Events and Festivals sector. From the globally renowned Glastonbury and Notting Hill Carnival to events of all sizes spread across the UK, these shows are often dedicated to culture, entertainment, arts, food, comedy, leisure and lifestyle, offering something for everyone.

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February 24
International AGF Awards 2024
The International AGF Awards are the annual awards presented by sustainability pioneers A Greener Future, given across 9 important sustainability categories, including power, water, food and travel, and the top accolade of the International Greener Festival Award 2024. The ceremony will be held on 27th February during the Green Events & Innovations Conference at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London. Finalists are selected from all AGF certified Greener Events, Greener Festivals and Greener Arenas over the last year, with top scores across key sustainability criteria. Applicants undergo a detailed assessment, site visits, and analysis by AGF auditors. To be eligible to enter the awards it is necessary to apply for certification and provide evidence such as fuel or electricity and water usage, waste transfer notes, transport measurements, material traceability, and survey data and undergo a site visit from AGF Assessors. Additionally, green innovations from festivals and events have been selected and […]
February 24
Green Events & Innovations Conference (GEI16)
The Green Events & Innovations Conference is the UK’s foremost conference for sustainability at live events and takes place in London on Tuesday 27th February, 2024 Celebrating its 16th year GEI is the leading conference for sustainability at live events. Our inspirational speakers from across the live event industry and from across the world, will inform, and entertain you, and our jam packed GEI16 agenda will provide a most entertaining, informative, and inspiring day. Sessions cover transport, energy, food, equality, inclusivity and climate justice, design & materials usage for circularity, and much more. GEI is a partnership between not-for-profit sustainability specialists A Greener Future (AGF) and the International Live Music Conference (ILMC) which is the world’s leading platform for the touring and festival sectors.
February 24
Green Events & Innovations Conference
The Green Events & Innovations Conference (GEI16), is the leading conference for sustainability in the events sector. GEI Brings together inspirational speakers from the live sector from all across the globe, with compelling discussions and cutting-edge solutions for a greener live sector. A jam-packed programme will delve into the challenges of delivering green global events with discussion topics featuring transport, energy, food, equality, inclusivity & climate justice, and set design & materials usage for circularity, and more. Delegates are treated to a 5* vegan lunch, the International AGF Awards and networking drinks reception. Taking place on 27 February 2024 at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London. Speakers for the 16th edition include; Blaine Harrison (Mystery Jets), Dale Vince (Ecotricity/Forest Green Rovers), Louis VI (artist/ filmmaker), Tori Tsui (climate activist/co-founder Bad Activist Collective), Sam Lee (Mercury Music Prize nominee), Farah Ahmed (Julie’s Bicycle), John Robb (Louder than War/The Membranes), Luke Howell […]
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