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Launch of the Glasgow Conference Impact Network
The Glasgow Convention Bureau unveiled its latest initiative, the Glasgow Conference Impact Network, in partnership with the Glasgow Science Festival during an inspiring launch event attended by a diverse array of local stakeholders.
Top destinations for Gen Z delegates
Travel experts have examined 100 cities in 40 countries worldwide to reveal which Gen Z delegates will like best.
10 most social media friendly destinations
In a world where photo ops are the most crucial element of any trip, here are the most social media friendly destinations for Instagramming your travels.
Attractive lifestyle leads Amway Taiwan to Perth for incentive event
Health and adventure make Western Australia an attractive destination for event planners in Asia.
How to use AI for researching your events
Chris Jones, Executive Creative Director at Pico EMEA, chats through glocalisation and how to use AI for researching your event.
10 safest destinations for female delegates
Here are the safest cities to visit as a woman delegate.
The wellness trends that delegates are demanding
As the global wellness industry continues to expand, delegates are demanding that events meet their wellbeing needs in addition to simply educating and informing.
Hotel review: Immersive design at the Palazzo Versace Dubai
This 5-star jewel gives delegates the chance to immerse themselves in the Versace lifestyle on the glittering Dubai Creek waterfront.
How events have become a crucial brand tool
Dan Bardgett, MD at XSEM, discusses event’s role in brand marketing and how to measure success through emotional impact and ROI.
Tropic Skincare’s sparkling Gen Z showstopper
Tropic Skincare’s annual ‘Glammies’ appealed to all from Gen Z to Gen X, shining a sparkling spotlight on their Glambassadors.
Lattice events marketing manager on the future of events
Rachael Kenny, Events Marketing Manager at Lattice AI, discusses the UK’s event infrastructure, our macro economic climate and events in tech.
6 step guide to event budgeting
Budgeting an event can descend into a minefield, but with a careful breakdown, here’s C&IT’s manageable 6 step guide.
Top 10 most Instagrammable cities
Here are the top 10 most Instagrammable cities for delegates – and the top three may surpirse you…
How to boost your event profit with AI
Here are 5 easy ways to use AI that will increase your event ROI.
In Pictures: C&IT International Forum 2024
Here are some of the highlights from the three day event that took delegates on a luxury charter from Amsterdam to Rotterdam.
How to increase your ROI through Social Media
Here are the three key steps of a social media marketing formula for success.
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