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Are all events becoming alcohol free?
As alcohol consumption among Gen Z has declined, will events become non-alcoholic? Here’s what event professionals think…
How to implement economic sustainability
Leading event professionals give their top tips on how to implement economic sustainability.
EventWell Celebrates Its Third Year At The Annual AEV Conference
Mental health advocates EventWell provided a Quiet Room at the recent AEV Conference, creating a calm and safe space for delegates.
First Sight Media Wins Twice At Event Tech Awards London
First Sight Media won twice at the recent Event Tech Live Awards, Best Video Production & Streaming and Favourite Event Technology Supplier – The People’s Choice Award.
NetworkTables Renames Itself As Krowden After Rebrand
Krowden is the new official rebranded name for NetworkTables, as they have grown past their original name
Fending off Freeloaders: Unmasking the world of event gatecrashing
We delve into the world of industry gatecrashers – otherwise known as ‘liggers’ – and how to spot an uninvited guest.
Is sustainability the key to responsible tourism?
Lene Corgan and Birgette Brahe consider how to optimize event footprints within communities and destinations.
Inaugural Alumni A-Listers experience the magic of Monaco
C&IT’s first ever cohort of alumni A-Listers spent a weekend in Monaco, a place “Like Nowhere Else”, thanks to the Monaco Convention Bureau and its partners.
What is the key to immersive experiences?
Sarah Yeats, Managing Director at Sledge, explains how to create successful immersion by unlocking all five senses.
Cult Wines explains how communication will always be key
Olivia Bodle, Global Head of Events for Cult Wines, discusses events in the fine wine industry, the biggest challenge of her career, and the key of storytelling at an event.
Event recruitment trends for 2024
To relocate or resign? Should young talent ever study event management? Will AI be my next boss? These are some of the questions we’ve answered for MICE professionals shifting jobs in 2024.
Team Spiritual
Get to know yourself and your peers with yoga, combining wellness with cost-effective team building. The benefits of team building and regular wellness habits are numerous, so why not combine the two? Corporate yoga could be a great change of pace for your employees or team and whether you have in-house sessions, or you put on a YouTube video for staff at lunchtimes, the practice can be endlessly eneficial to office culture and boosting team morale, creating divisions between work and rest. There are very few people who can say they have no qualms about dividing themselves between their work and personal life, it’s a balance which needs constant effort and mindful attention to keep it steady. Corporate yoga can help this balance by making a clear transition between work and rest time for the body and mind. By moving your body and focusing on your breath participants are actively […]
Light Up
The lighting you choose matters greatly to both aesthetics and sustainability. With more to consider for the latter than just using the latest LEDs and lowering energy consumption, sustainable lighting can help the natural climate as well as your budget.
How to bring magic into your events
The need for a little magic in our lives — and at our events — feels more pressing than ever before.
Exposing the ‘burnout epidemic’ in the events industry
A recent report reveals 90% of event professionals are overworked and underpaid.
10 easy ways to improve accessibility at your event
As togetherness is one of 2023’s top event priorities, here are 10 simple ways to improve accessibility and inclusion at your event.
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